Thursday, 31 May 2012

Trip preparation

How does one spend one's last week preparing for four months in a foreign country?  Particularly with rustic conditions and minimal airline baggage allowances to look forward to.  One might expect that I would take up origami to get me used to twisting things into impossible shapes in order to make it all fit in.  Or brush up on my Tetris skills.  In reality however, I’ve been eating Easter Egg that never got opened (got to use up things in my cupboard), buying so many pairs of shorts I don’t know that they’ll all fit (but I might not want to wear jeans!), making cookie dough cupcakes and watching a lot of Man vs Food (so the pre-summer diet is going as well as could be expected).

Today, Journey – 2, we attempted to pack my suitcase.  Attempted being the operative word.
Now normally, I’m an everything but the kitchen sink sorta girl, the kitchen sink only being omitted because I forgot it.  If remembered in time, it would probably be shoved into my handbag.  But, for once, I thought I’d been really frugal.

Things did not get off to a good start.  I’ve got a great case that is big enough for everything I’ve ever needed it for in the past, and that was too small.  We brought down a bigger case and it was still too small.  Plan for tomorrow is to take out a few things – shower flip flops, my newly bought fleece and try and condense things as much as possible and go with the original (lighter) case.  Scales also being brought down in the hope my luggage is under the weight limit!

In the interests of making blog potentially useful for people who don’t know me, I’ll share my packing list.  The following is for 4 months away from home in the US, 3 of which will be staying at a summer camp:

Carry on toiletries
In a toilet bag, except for liquids:
Toothbrush case
Hair ties
Hair bands
Hair brush
Basic makeup (concealer, powder, mascara, lippy)
Lip balm

Hold luggage toiletries
In a toilet bag:
Feminine hygiene products
Shower gel
Shampoo (1 bottle)
Conditioner (2 bottles –long hair!)
Towel x 2, one being a travel towel
Nail scissors
Toilet bag
Shower cap
Antiseptic cream

After sun lotion
Bug repellent
Bite relief

Swimsuit x 2
Swim cap
Underwear and socks x 10
Pyjamas x3
Jeans x 3
Shorts x 4 (was meant to be 2, but I “accidentally” bought more)
Smart trousers
Football shirts x 2
Polo shirts x 5
T-shirts x 3
Hoodie x 2 (1 light, 1 heavy)
Maxi dress
Little cardigan
Army style cap

Flip flops
Canvas pumps
Heavy duty trainers

Misc. hold luggage
Laundry bag
Camp songbook
Scottish flag
Printed out pictures from home

Misc. hand luggage
Camera + accoutrements
US adapter
Phone + charger
Ipod + charger
Laptop + charger
Cowboy hat
Travel cushion
Mr Pricklepants toy – a gift from my boyfriend!

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