Friday, 15 June 2012

Ok, I'm trying!

Gosh, it is impossible to find any time whatsoever at summer camp.  And even during my time off I'm out being sociable so can only catch the odd half hour at the computer to quickly tweet that I'm still alive and email mum and boyfriend.  All is going fine and I'm settling in nicely.  Crazy busy but I'm coping.  Anyway, here's how I spent my first day off.

It was kinda needed after last night.  I had one kid up 8 times during the night with homesickness. Joyous 2 hours of sleep lost.  Was actually the last one in my cabin awake this morning.  Wandered down and people were planning to head to a place called Step Falls in New Hampshire.  This is it here and I'm sure you can google some more pics:  I was quite disturbed by the first mention of "natural water slides" that had been made by water erosion on the rocks.  As it turned out I didn't try those (one guy hit his head and another has a chunk out of his elbow) but I did a lot of basking in the sun and lying half in one of the pools.  A lot of alcohol was consumed (by others!).  I actually skipped breakfast and lunch, bad girl! It was really nice and relaxing and I feel like I got out there and did things but am really chilled and recharged after my day off.  Headed back to camp to get the wounded seen to and grabbed some food.  I can barely remember what the actual meal was meant to be but there were two pieces of corn bread with my name all over them woohoo!  The food is generally excellent here but I was really rushing it tonight and trying to chat at the same time.  I totally love the tacos and I've been eating salad or fruit with every meal in an attempt to be healthy.  After dinner, we headed to a spot one guy recommended to watch the sunset and the views were GORGEOUS!  Got some nice pics there - hopefully I will get a chance to upload some pictures soon. After that, we headed to the camp's favourite ice cream place, called the Mosquito.  That was my second time, the first being the scavenger hunt day last week that involved us getting very lost in Portland.  I had an ice cream sandwich with milky way ice cream in the middle, nom!  Then a few of us headed to a pool hall, where I got chatting to people cos of the accent - manager is an English guy and the barman thought I was northern Irish, despite him having served in Afghanisation with norn iron folk!  Got some free goes on the jukebox - Talk Dirty To Me, Final Countdown and Bohemian Rhapsody, oh hells yeah!  Then we had two knockout pool tournaments, the first of which I managed to beat all of the guys playing! Oh I am so flukey sometimes!

Chilling out for a while now and catching up with people, still have no idea what is happening in the world.  Seriously, there could have been a revolution in the UK and I wouldn't know about it!  Anyway, I'll do my best to do more updating, and I have lots to say about the last 10 days or so that I haven't got round to!  Chat soon dear readers!

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